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Nature Notes 

Here you will find details about the group and the Local Nature Reserve 

How to get there
  • From the A27 roundabout junction, adjacent to the Manor Park Recreation Ground at LancingA27 sign  
  • Take the north bound exit into Manor Road, then take the second left into Mill Road. Follow the road to the top where there is a spacious car park. 
Mill road car park to Lancing ring


The Galleries 
Click on the pictures to see a collection of pictures taken during the month. 



To learn some background information about Lancing Ring click on this link: 

The Wildlife

About the Dewpond
One of the largest Dewponds in Sussex. It was first restored in 1991, then again in 1999 
A page for  creative writing by local or more well known writers 

Buy the sweat shirt
Perhaps you've read the history, seen the pictures and joined the group. Now maybe you would like to get the sweat shirt in cotton/polyester with embroidered logo.
The shirts are available in all sizes (S. M. L. XL. or XXL.)
Sweat shirt
Details of prices will appear soon  in the meantime contact the Secretary, Ann White for further information 

Task Days:  Third Sunday in every month at the Mill Road car park. 10:00 am.

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