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Tiger Moth
Arctia caja
Garden Tiger Moth
six spot burnet
Zygaena filipendulae
Six Spot Burnet
Lancing Ring
5 Spot Burnet
Scientific: Zygaena trifolii
Common: Burnet Moth
Size:  32-34  mm
Season: July - August

This is probably a five spot Burnet pair

Notes: pair mating next to larval case
5 spot burnet
Zygaena filipendulae
Six spot Burnet Moth

recorded : 13.7.04
site : McIntyres Field, Lancing Ring

The red spot at the tip most end is near the centre, this spot is absent on the 5 spot.
Scientific: Tyria jacobaeae
Common: The Cinnabar
Size:  22  mm
Season: May - July
Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar
Scientific: Tyria jacobaeae
Common: The Cinnabar
Foodplants:Ragwort, Senecio
pyrausta sp.
Name: Pyrausta aurata
Common: Mint Moth
Size:  16-18  mm
Season: April - September
Foodplants: Mint Family
Longhorn moth
Scientific:Nemophora degeerella
English : Yellow Barred Longhorn Moth - male
Site : Lancing Ring woodland
recorded 14.6.04
The antenna of the female are much shorter.

Endrosis sarcitrella
White-shouldered House-moth

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