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  • Early Purple Orchid
  • Autumn Ladies Tresses
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Early Purple Orchid
Name:  Orchis mascula
Common: Early Purple Orchid
Height: 20-50 cm
Flower Time: April-June
Notes: Lancing ring woodland
Autumn Ladies Tresses  Spiranthes spiralis
Autumn Ladies Tresses
Height: 8-15 cm
Flower Time: Aug-Sept

Spiranthes spiralis - Wikipedia
Notes: Found at Lancing Ring
Date : Sept 2003

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Common Spotted Orchid
Name:  Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Common: Common Spotted Orchid
Height: 25-50 cm
Flower Time: June-early August

Dactylorhiza fuchsii - Wikipedia
Beeding Hill Meadow
Common Spotted OrchidCommon Spotted
Common Spotted
Common Spotted Orchid
Recorded: 14.6.04
Site: McIntyres Field, Lancing Ring.
Pyramid Orchid Scientific: Anacamptis pyramidalis
Common: Pyramidal Orchid
Size: 30-60 cm
Flower time: June - August
Pyramid orchid
Pyramid Orchids in McIntyres Field, Lancing Ring.
June 2004
pyramid Pyramid Orchids
Flower Buds begining to open

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