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Ivell's Sea Anemone
ivellii This is the only known picture of Ivell's Sea Anemone.
Attempts to refind it in the summer of 2002 were in vain.
Edwardsia ivelli
Another Anemone has been identified in recent research by Dr Dan Yates

The miniature sea anemones have been identified as a dwarf specimens of the distinctive Haliplanella lineata with orange stripes which are not found on other British sea anemones. The anemone photographed was only 2 mm in height and 3 mm in diameter and this was typical of the dozen anemones discovered. 
Report by Dan Metcalfe (University of Brighton)
This alien anemone (accidentally introduced species) is a sea anemone that inhabits harbours and estuaries and occasionally lagoons where the salinity is below full strength seawater. Haliplanella lineata attains at least 20 mm high and 13 mm diameter in British specimens but in other parts of the world could be twice this size. Reproduction by longitudinal fission is habitual and frequent in this species. 

Haliplanella lineata

TQ 202 043. 

BMLSS Sea Anemones

Haliplanella lineata

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