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Frogs and Toads
Bufo Bufo
Rana temporia

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Common toad
 Bufo bufo
Common Toad


Bufo bufo
Common Toad. - adult male
Lancing Ring Meadows

common frog
Rana temporaria
 Common Frog
Common Frog
 Rana temporaria
Common Frog
Common Frog
 Rana temporaria
Common Frog
Body length:
Common (tree) frog
Common Frog
recorded: 8.6.02
: garden,  buxus sempervirens.
Frog juvenile Common Frog
recorded : 17.7.2001
recorded : 17.6.2001
Garden pond
Tadpole -Frog
recorded : 2.8.2004
Garden Pond
Appears to have a piece of tail missing
Its a frog tadpole, toad tadpoles always much darker almost black, 
frog taddies nearly always semi-transparent.
- Michael Watson on

The other way I was told of telling them apart is to pop them in your mouth for a moment -- apparently they don't mind too much.

I've never (yet...) dared try this, but the toadpole is supposed to taste horrid and the frogpole not -- or at any rate, not as bad!

Richard [Collingridge] on ukwildlife
Frog spawn feb 2004
Frog Spawn
laid in mid February 2004
recorded 16.2.04
Spawn close up
Close up of Spawn laid in mid February 2004
Tadpole - Common Frog
 Rana temporaria
Common Frog (tadpole)
recorded: 30.3.04

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