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Brown Argus ?
Aricia agestis
Brown Argus
New Monks Farm
Disused arable field
Chalkhill blue
 Lysandra coridon
Chalkhill Blue - male
Nr. Truleigh Hill, Shoreham
Size:  38 mm
Larval Foodplant: Horseshoe Vetch
(Occasionally Bird's-foot Trefoil and other legumes)
Adonis Blue
Lysandra  bellargus
 Adonis Blue
recorded: 26.5.03
Mill Hill, Shoreham
Size:  27-32 mm
Notes: pair mating.
Larval  foodplant : Horseshoe Vetch

Common Blue
Polyommatus icarus
Common Blue - male

New Monks Farm
Disused Arable Field
Common Blue Polyommatus icarus
Common Blue - male
recorded: 27.7.03
Foodplants : Bird's foot trefoil

common blue
Polyommatus icarus (f)
Common Blue
Female Common Blue
Polyommatus icarus
Common Blue - female
recorded : 25.5.2004
site: Lancing Ring Meadows
Holly Blue
Celastrina argiolus
 Holly Blue
Mash Barn Lane
holly blue
Celastrina argiolus
 Holly Blue -
St Bernards Court, Lancing
Holly Blue  Celastrina argiolus
 Holly Blue - female
Wingspan:  30  mm
Larval foodplant
1st brood : Holly or Dogwood, Spindle Gorse, Bramble, Raspberry, Hop
2nd brood : Ivy
Holly Blue
Celastrina argiolus
Holly Blue
Lancing Ring Meadows

Small Copper  Lysaena phlaeas           
Small Copper
Wingspan:  25 mm
recorded :
site: Meadows, Lancing Ring
Larval Foodplant : Sorrel and Dock

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