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Grey Dagger
Acronicta psi
Grey Dagger Moth
Lackey Moth
 Malacosoma neustria
 Lackey Moth
recorded : 9.5.03
Site : Garden

Season: May - June
lacket moth
Lackey Moth

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Burnet caterpillar Zygaena lonicerae
Burnet Moth -possibly 5-spot
recorded 18.6.04
site: Lancing Ring (Clump)
On Dogwood

"I'd stick my neck out with 5 spot but would stand to be corrected!"
-Andrew Fuller on uk-leps

Burnet moth larva
Zygaena lonicerae
Underside view
Burnet coccoon
 Burnet caterpillar in coccoon
Castle Hill, Bramber
Link to Burnet adult form

Cinnabar caterpillar
Tyria jacobaeae
  Cinnabar moth larva
recorded: 22.6.04
Site: Malthouse Meadow, Sompting

(Demolishing the top of a Ragwort plant)
Cinnabar moth
recorded 6.7.04
Malthouse Meadow, Sompting
Knot Grass Moth

2289 Knot Grass
Acronicta rumicis

Large yellow underwing
Noctua pronuba
Large Yellow Underwing 
Green larva
Green larva (unidentified)
Large White larva
Pieris brassicae
Large White Butterfly larva
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